Gill OS4 - Offshore Foul Weather Jacket

My previous Gill offshore jacket had all the bells and whistles with the breathable fabric and the rubber cuffs and the super high, warm collar and on and on.

My new foul weather jacket - the new OS4, well it's black and how cool is that? It has all the quality of my old Gill with twice the clever engineering.

Often, I will be using some piece of expensive marine gear and will realize that no one ever tried it in offshore conditions. 

The guys at Gill got it all right. They took a product that worked well offshore and made it better. I like the new silver liner, it is more durable and thinnner than the old. The external vest pocket is very handy. I used to hate opening my warm foulies to skip a song on my MP3 player. Even the hood fits better.

Did I mention how cool it looks in black (still has shoulder reflectors and the dayglow hood for finding you in the dark ... if necessary).